We Bought A HOUSE! First Time Homebuyer House TOUR!

We Bought A HOUSE! First Time Homebuyer House TOUR!
Hey guys! So here is another “vlog” type video we wanted to share with you! No arcade stuff, but we wanted to give you a tour of our first home! We just recently closed and moved into this house! We love it so much and as first time homebuyer’s we wanted to show you all the grand tour! More updates on the house to come as we make progress!

Thanks for watching! Let us know what you think of the house! @arcadecouple on twitter!

We Bought A HOUSE! First Time Homebuyer House TOUR!

19 thoughts on “We Bought A HOUSE! First Time Homebuyer House TOUR!”

  1. Congrats on your new home you two and may you have many happy moments and memories there to come!

  2. Awesome that upstairs of the garage should be the plush and collectible room lol..nursery coming soon lol congratulations guys

  3. I am almost craving to make you guys a berry and herb garden! Plus some succulent arrangements for inside lol!

    Oooh! If you guys become multimillionair YouTubers, you could fly me out to plant a garden! Hehehe

  4. The pestobismol (sp) room could be called a my little pony room lol. I also used to have a walk in closet like yours. It was my "office" but I called it the batcave.

  5. You guys did so well! If I had your place, the garage would very quickly be claimed as my art studio lol.

  6. Congratulations guys🎉! Lovely home you got there. Hope you guys have many loving and happy moments there

  7. Sweet! Congratulations.
    I may have missed it…tell me again…what’s gonna be happening in the bathroom? 😜

    The mason in me really wanted to see the basement. ☹️
    Old stonework I assume.
    Best of luck!
    Thanks for the tour!

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