Signing a Buyer Contract

Signing a Buyer Contract
For first-time home buyers, or those who haven’t purchased a home in a while, the mention of a Buyer Contract with a Brokerage may make you wonder if it’s necessary. It’s not only necessary for great service, it’s also necessary part of the paperwork to buy a home with a Realtor.

In this video I’m discussing what the contract covers in general and what you can expect. I also talk about why signing the contract is an advantage for you!

Not only that but there’s a difference between a Realtor-Client Relationship (highest level of obligation by your Realtor) vs. a Realtor-Customer relationship (with a restricted level of service while maintaining honesty, fairness and integrity).

My clients always choose “Client”. The other way to put this is that I choose to work with Clients and not Customers. It’s simply the most effective, advantageous way to buy a home.

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Signing a Buyer Contract

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