Selling Your Home (2018) – Dealing with an Offer – Coffee Talk #33

Selling your home can be a complicated process. One major step along the way is receiving an offer to purchase on your home.

There are a number of steps involved with this that are necessary to make sure the home buyer and home seller are on the same page and working towards a successful deal.

Part of our job is to help evaluate the offer to purchase submitted by the buyer and help put it into context for the seller. This can be facilitated by the listing agent creating a net sheet – a listing of all the financial workings of the offer to enable the home seller to know where they will stand at the end of the closing process.

Our team also contacts the buyers agent to ascertain and confirm that the buyer has the financial strength to complete the transaction. This also requires communication with the buyers lender.

Additionally, we follow up with the buyers agent to make sure that the appraisal has been ordered in a timely manner so that everything can proceed towards closing at an acceptable pace.

We also work with the home owner in dealing with the home inspection, making sure that the seller knows what is reasonable and what is not reasonable and that they respond to any buyer concerns in a timely fashion. If need be, we can provide the home seller with a list of contractors we have worked with in the past to perform any required repairs.

Our job is to insure that the whole process from offer to closing goes as smoothly as possible. With well over 1000 real estate transactions under our belt, we’ve become pretty good at this!

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Selling Your Home (2018) – Dealing with an Offer – Coffee Talk #33
Selling Your Home (2018) - Dealing with an Offer - Coffee Talk #33