Mortgage rates raised by two of Canada’s big banks

Mortgage rates were raised by two of Canada’s big banks on Friday and the Bank of Canada may raise its interest rate this week. Marcus Tzaferis of MorCan Financial looks at how this may affect the market.

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Mortgage rates raised by two of Canada’s big banks
Mortgage rates raised by two of Canada’s big banks

4 thoughts on “Mortgage rates raised by two of Canada’s big banks”

  1. Want to help the Canadian people? Make foreign land ownership illegal, as it is in countless countries throughout the world

    Most countries

  2. Canadian are debt junkies. They have no clue that subdivision house they just paid $800k for only costs $200/sq-ft for land/build cost. The US bond bubble popped, and rates will go up rapidly later this year. Anyone deep in debt will go under by late 2019. Canadians, I hope paying double for a house was worth it, because you've just committed financial suicide.

  3. TD and RBC is basically saying they are not interested in writing more mortgage business. You can simply go to credit unions such as Duca or Meridian for a lower competitive rate. There are other monoline lenders with lower rates to choose from as well. BMO continues to be more aggressive and taking away business from TD and RBC.

  4. So screw up the working class, let make the 1 % even more richer and let keep working to only be able to cover some bills and keep being a slave for the rest of our lives, thanks government of canada for the big help, lol

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