How to Host an Open House as a FSBO Seller (2018) | Hauseit® Training Series

How to Host an Open House as a FSBO Seller (2018) | Hauseit® Training Series
Open House Tips and Ideas:

Holding regular open houses is an essential part of the Agent Assisted FSBO sale process. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about holding open houses:

How many open houses should you hold?

We suggest that you hold a minimum of one open house per week. The most popular day for open houses is Sunday. It’s always a good idea to time your open house to coincide with those of competing listings in your building and neighborhood. This will help drive additional buyer traffic towards your listing. It’s also a good idea to post a weekday open house from time to time.

How much lead time do open houses require?

We strongly suggest you provide at least 3 days’ notice when posting an open house announcement.

Add an Open House to Your Listing:

How long are open houses?

A typical open house in New York City is approximately two hours.

What is the difference between a general and a by appointment open house?

A traditional open house is considered a ‘general’ open house. This means that buyers and buyer agents can show up at any time during the open house window without having to make an appointment.

A by appointment open house does not permit walk-ins. In other words, attendees are required to reach out and confirm a specific appointment time.

What materials should you hand out to attendees at your open house?

It’s a good idea to offer each guest a show sheet and a floor plan of your home. You may also wish to prepare and hand out a fact sheet of commonly asked questions about your listing.
Top Tips for Selling Your Home FSBO in NYC:

Should I have everyone sign-in?

Yes. During the open house you should encourage everyone to sign in with their name, email, phone and information of their buyer’s agent (if applicable).

How much traffic should I expect at an open house?

There are countless factors which affect the amount of foot traffic you receive. These factors include: property type, neighborhood, price point, days on market, seasonal factors and the weather.

If you consistently receive little or no traffic, you should make sure that your asking price is in line with the comps. Professional photos are also a requirement if you’d like to minimize the length of the sale process.

What should I do after the open house?

We suggest that you call and email everyone who attended your open house. You should provide follow-up answers to any unanswered questions presented at your open house.

How the NYC FSBO Closing Process Works for Home Sellers:

Just remember, selling real estate requires a proactive approach. If you give up on leads or forget to follow-up with buyers, it will take you longer to sell.

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How to Host an Open House as a FSBO Seller (2018) | Hauseit® Training Series

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