Carolina Property Management and Home Rentals

Carolina Property Management and Home Rentals
Why you should Hire a Property Manager by Nancy Braun – Call Nancy at 704-550-4854

Charlotte Today The Importance of Having a Property Manager Carolina Property Management – Call Nancy Braun at 704-550-4854 – Carolina Property Management | Charlotte Today

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In the latest episode of Charlotte Today, Nancy Braun shares some compelling reasons why hiring a property manager is a smart move.

Managing a rental property can be financially rewarding. You get to sit back and collect rent. However, it also comes with many unique challenges such as a tenant who refuses to pay and maintenance problems. Being a landlord requires serious commitment and effort.

Nancy talks about why it is in your best interest to hire a property manager. Her team of experts at Showcase Realty have access to a wealth of resources that enable them to find new tenants faster, helping you keep your vacancy rates down.

Having a property manager also reduces your legal and financial headaches. An excellent property manager will know the latest landlord-tenant laws, helping you steer clear of any potential lawsuit. Aside from federal law, each state and municipality has its own legal rules concerning tenant screening, safety and condition of the property, inspections, evictions, and more.

You can also preserve the value of your investment with regular maintenance. With Nancy’s team, you have access to top maintenance staff, as well as their network of licensed contractors who have already been vetted for good pricing and quality work. You don’t have to be the on-call maintenance person anymore. With a property manager, you will have someone perform routine maintenance for you, preventing small issues from becoming major problems.

Your property manager can also help you set the right rental rates based on a thorough market study of your area. This will ensure that you can maximize your monthly income while maintaining a low vacancy rate.

By hiring a property manager to take care income property, you’ll be free to spend your time identifying further investment opportunities or doing things that you love. Call Nancy Braun today at (704) 997-3794 to get started.

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Carolina Property Management and Home Rentals