BREAKING-Did You Know Your Mortgage is Fraud?

BREAKING-Did You Know Your Mortgage is Fraud?

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BREAKING-Did You Know Your Mortgage is Fraud?

18 thoughts on “BREAKING-Did You Know Your Mortgage is Fraud?”

  1. So what you saying is that they took money from our tda account instead of their own they loaned us our own money and want us to pay it back.but our credit is good!

  2. Even though it is all true,.Good luck with getting a Judge whose eyes won't glaze over listening to that. In 2007-2008 my life turned into a nightmare. My wife passed away from brain cancer,the markets crashed,Countrywide(The bank that originated my home loan) went belly up. As they were in the process of doing that,they as well got in the habit of losing my mailed in,on time, mortgage payments, three times in a row!. Because of that misdeed, i started to get letters from them that i was in danger of losing my home. I heard it was absolute pandemonium at Countrywide,as the mortgages they held literally went up in the air for the 1st bank that grabbed it. There was no notification from Countrywide this was going to occur. I suddenly had 3 banks,all in New York. Within a month i had gotten foreclosure notices from each of them. Nothing was filed at the county seat as to whom had the note. I managed to hold onto my home for about 4 years while the banks were hashing out who had the note. It was obvious to anyone in the court the banks and the courts are crooked as hell. All of what i went through was downright wrong,it was so surreal,like i was living in a society with no moral code. None of what i went through should not have happened,it was a sudden blow to the head. Sorry if my story doesn't make much sense,I'mso tired im about to fall on my face.

  3. America is the land of scams and schemes from top to bottom. It's all a confusing mess. We are imprisoned by an abomination of laws, statues and edicts designed to strip us of true freedom. I just sold my 1996 jeep Cherokee. I already paid the taxes on it but now the guy who bought it from me has to pay the tax again. Then transfer a title etc. It's a racket
    designed to impoverish the poor and feed the best system of lawless criminal psychopaths!

  4. Much better show intro…BIG improvement over that crazy laser stuff you had before. Now if you’ll only switch to note cards to help you speak more naturally instead of getting tongue-tied from speed reading every word you say….my dear, you will transform into a superstar! ⭐️🌟💫✨

  5. Listen April, a lot of what you are saying is correct, but the one thing I didnt count on in my case is that the banks will fight tooth and nail using false documents by robosigners and notarized by notaries who were not even notaries at the date the document was signed!! I found hundreds of documents filed with the Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida, that were forged, and the judges did not care and awarded the bank!!! Going to court is a scam that they are controlling to help banks steal your property! This all took 4 years of court hearings where I had to pay for court reporter myself because the bank refused! I lost my case unless I went to appeal, but I would need an attorney and would cost a down payment of $10,000! I could not afford to appeal after representing myself so long. I would like to see and hear first hand accounts of this working!

  6. April, ya gotta stop with this nonsense. If you loan money for a stated period at a stated rate, you have to at it back. Then, you "own" that property until you die or sell it, with exception for condemnation or squatters get it.

    Nobody owns land forever. 100 years ago, someone else owned your land. 500 years ago, somebody before them. In 100 years, we will all be dead.

    I've read what you are now reading 15 years ago. I know someone who was naive enough to believe those 100 year old laws and told the IRS since he is an "alien" (natural born American), he doesn't have to pay taxes. They just smiled and sat back for a year letting back taxes build. Then, they knocked on his door. He went into Chapter 13 bankruptcy, lost the house and all the toys he bought with his new-found wealth not having to pay taxes, and never recovered financially.

    Dumb. Naive. Gullible. Lost.

    As for taxes, nobody really wants to pay them, but it does pay for paved roads, police protection, education, street lights, sewer system, etc.

    If you don't want to pay high taxes, Russia is giving away land in remote parts of Siberia. If you stay 5 years, you own it. Of course, you will need to grow your own food or barter with the natives, buy a horse (no gas stations), have money for guns and ammo as you won't be able to call the PD, educate your children yourself, endure constant road closures as there are no City plows to plow the snow, chop wood all summer as there are no electric companies, shovel your own shit, etc. You see, there is a price to live in civilization, and, for as much as we don't like it, there are undeniable benefits. So! Stop complaining or move to Siberia, lol.

  7. If property was not collateralized or used to lean on debt it would be much cheaper. US/UK housing is among the biggest embezzlement/hoarding vehicles in the world.

  8. The UN? Seriously? First of all we are in the USA. And which flag are you talking about? You said the Canadian flag? if I’m not mistaken. And the court better be going under the US Constitution. Or they are not a court from the US.

  9. Can anyone answer these 2 questions for me?
    #1 Didn't the REQUIRED mortgage insurance already pay for the house (AGAIN)… plus the keep the house to 'sell' to the next victim?
    #2 and REQUIRED 'Title Insurance' yet no-one ever seemed to know who the 'owner' was in the 2008 melt down.. Who got paid? Can't be that hard to track.

  10. Don't trust this person…..always asking for money. If she was really trying to help she would point you in the right direction for free.

  11. Michael tellinger goes a great piece on this also shows you how to make a promissory note and pay off the bank

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