Bloomfield Hills Buyers Agent | Pre Closing Walk Through

Bloomfield Hills Buyers Agent | Pre Closing Walk Through
Bloomfield Hills Buyers Agent | Pre Closing Walk Through


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We desire to have house buyers do one last walk-through of the housing units we are buying for a bunch of reasons:

1. We would like to be certain that the home hasn’t been damaged and is in the same condition that it was in the moment we signed the purchase agreement.

2. We want to make sure that things that should stay in the home are still in the house. It may be personal property like a refrigerator that we stipulated in the purchase contract, or it might be component of the home, like speakers that happen to be bolted to the wall structure. We simply want to make sure what we are getting is precisely what we agreed to receive.

3. We also want to make absolutely certain the home seller didn’t leave something they shouldn’t have left. Our common purchase agreement calls for the seller to leave the home in broom clean condition. Often times a seller will want to leave useless paint cans or perhaps expired car batteries. That is usually not OK with home buyers so we will need to confirm the owner adheres to the contract terms.

4. In case our purchase contract required the seller to render any kind of straightforward repairs the walk-through provides us a chance to make sure the repairs were completed. In some cases we may need to return with a home inspector to perform the walk-through with us.

5. And finally it gives us a opportunity to see if the home buyers have any specific last minute queries for the seller at closing.

How do you determine the best Buyer Agent for the Bloomfield Hills area in Michigan?

This list is useful with choosing a brokerage when you are buying your next home. Interview for these five skills:

1. Ability to effectively protect you with home sellers & their agents

2. Ability to help you evaluate homes

3. Proof of success – Ask to see their documented savings

4. Loyalty, you want the company and individual personally working with you to be advocating for you.

5. Mortgage shopping and negotiation ability. A top buyer agent can often save you thousands on your lender fees and closing costs.……

Bloomfield Hills Buyers Agent | Pre Closing Walk Through