Better Qualified/High Risk Mortgage/Build Credit Score/Learn More/Pittsfield Massachusetts


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Pittsfield always has something going on no matter what the season. Throughout the year, fairs, festivals, parades and concerts abound, sponsored by the many cultural organizations in the city. We invite your family to enjoy our city’s activities beginning with spring. Take a fresh look at new life on the farm with baby animals or learn all about the weaving process from sheep to shawl featured at the Hancock Shaker Village. Then join us at Celebrate Pittsfield Street Festival as summer starts and plan to attend six juried outdoor art shows, ‘Artshow Amherst in Pittsfield’ located on the streets in downtown Pittsfield. In July, you will want to attend our popular Fourth of July Parade and enjoy watching the Pittsfield Dukes play ball in historic Wahconah Park. The Sector as a Whole The Finance and Insurance sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in financial transactions (transactions involving the creation, liquidation, or change in ownership of financial assets) and/or in facilitating financial transactions. Three principal types of activities are identified: 1. Raising funds by taking deposits and/or issuing securities and, in the process, incurring liabilities. Establishments engaged in this activity use raised funds to acquire financial assets by making loans and/or purchasing securities. Putting themselves at risk, they channel funds from lenders to borrowers and transform or repackage the funds with respect to maturity, scale, and risk. This activity is known as financial intermediation. 2. Pooling of risk by underwriting insurance and annuities. Almost all Americans come across the problem of bad credit score. Steve, the author of the video, gives several useful suggestions to resolve this problem. First of all, one should look at the turning factors when it comes to scoring his credit. Payment history is the most important one. 35% of FICO score is based on payment history, so if you pay on time, your score will never be dropped on hundred points. Next, one should pay attention on the Amounts Owed, which takes 30% of FICO score. The rule №1 – don’t keep ‘max out credit cards’. If it happens, try to pay these accounts down. If you pay your accounts down to 20% or lower, then you will see a quick bust in your credit score within the next month.The length of the credit history is also important. Better Qualified has helped thousands build, manage, and monitor their credit since 2006. Our staff of credit experts works diligently to attack derogatory accounts, while advising you towards building a better credit score. Better Qualified CEO Paul Oster has been featured on numerous radio and TV broadcasts including CBS, NBC, News 12 NJ, and Pix 11. Paul is also a regular guest on Fox Business News and is often referred to as the ‘Nation’s Credit Repairman’. Better Qualified works closely with collections attorneys to comb through all of your 3rd party collections in search of violations. When an account is sold to a 3rd party, often times the collection company will violate set regulations. This leaves the consumer paying more than they have to or paying for something that isn’t theirs.
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Consumer credit is the portion of credit consumers use to buy non-investment services consumed or goods that depreciate quickly. This includes automobiles, education costs, recreational vehicles (RVs), boat and trailer loans, but it does not include debts obtained to purchase margin on investment accounts or real estate. Consumer credit allows consumers to get an advance or loan to spend money on products or services for family, household or personal uses repaid at a specified future date. The main advantage of consumer credit is that consumers can purchase goods and services and pay for them later.
Better Qualified/High Risk Mortgage/Build Credit Score/Learn More/Pittsfield Massachusetts
Better Qualified/High Risk Mortgage/Build Credit Score/Learn More/Pittsfield Massachusetts