2017 Toronto Real Estate & Mortgage Markets Recap

Thank you everyone for taking the time to tune in as this is our first episode of The Chad & Chev Show where we will be recapping the 2017 Real Estate Market and Mortgage updates as well as providing a brief prediction on our thoughts on how 2018 will look in Toronto Real Estate.

Please continue to tune in for future episodes where we will provide market updates as well as other valuable information on home ownership.

If you ever have any questions, you can reach us through any of the methods below.

Thank you and we hope you all have a wonderful and prosperous 2018!

Chad Tascatan
Sales Representative
Century 21 Percy Fulton Brokerage
DIRECT: 647-505-5202
EMAIL: chad.tascatan@century21.ca
WEB: www.ChadTascatan.com
FACEBOOK: Chad Tascatan – Real Estate
INSTAGRAM: chad_realestate

Chervon Hopkinson
Mortgage Agent
Hopkinson Financial
DIRECT: 647-284-7715
EMAIL: chervonhopkinson@capitallend.ca
WEB: www.HopkinsonFinancial.com
FACEBOOK: Property Principal
INSTAGRAM: propertyprincipal
2017 Toronto Real Estate & Mortgage Markets Recap
2017 Toronto Real Estate & Mortgage Markets Recap